Horse riding in Norfolk - Norfolk is a great place for riding, and is full of riding stables catering for the young, old, beginner or experienced rider.  Whether you love riding across fields, beaches, bridle paths, or along country roads - Norfolk is a lovely place to ride.  Many stables and riding schools now offer both indoor and outdoor facilities, so rain or shine you can enjoy your riding lessons.


Norfolk horse riding   Norfolk horse riding





There are many types of horse riding, including a whole list of competitive sports including dressage, endurance riding, eventing, reining, show jumping, tent pegging, vaulting, polo, horse racing, driving, and rodeo.  For further information about horse riding in Norfolk and Norwich, visit our sister site Totally Norwich which has a page dedicated to horse riding in Norwich and Norfolk.


British Horse Society
The British Horse Society works tirelessly for every horse and rider throughout the regions of the UK. Focusing on horse welfare, horse and rider safety, access and rights of way, training (register of instructors) and approving livery yards and riding schools.

Sport Endurance
A nationally recognized organisation that promotes the Sport of Endurance Riding.

Norfolk horse riding   Norfolk horse riding
Horse riding is an excellent way to keep yourself fit and healthy, because as the horse moves, the rider must constantly rebalance themselves using the muscles in the trunk, pelvis and thighs.  And when the horse is trotting or cantering the rider is getting additional cardiovascular exercise which is great for your lungs and heart!

It's believed that an hour of riding can provide the same benefits as an hour of jogging or half an hour of dancing, aerobics or skiing - burning off more than 200 calories.
  Norfolk is a low-lying county in the East of England - bordering Lincolnshire to the west, Cambridgeshire to the west and southwest and with Suffolk to the south. Its northern and eastern boundaries are the North Sea coast. The county town of Norfolk is Norwich.

In 2006 Norfolk's population was 832,400 (mid 2006), yet Norfolk has about one-thirtieth the population density of Central London, with 38% of the countys population living in the three major built up areas of Norwich (194,200), Great Yarmouth (66,400) and King's Lynn (40,700).

Norfolk horse riding


Norfolk horse riding

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